Agricultural production and processing. We grow a selection of vegetables and aromatic herbs following organic and biodynamic principles, to satisfy demand at times we also buy in from other organic producers.
This produce is transformed into a selection of top quality products by carefully washing, drying, milling, sifting, packaging and labelling in our processing plant that is used exclusively for organically grown produce. Our state of the art facilities allows us to control also all the technical and sanitary requirements during the whole production process. Our objective is to offer products that comply with strict quality controls whilst retaining all their vitality and strength, with emphasis on the traceability of our products from our growing fields to the consumer.
We comercialize all of our products under our own Finca La Mesa brand name and offer a wide range of products in  handy ready to use containers.These are distributed from our own premises exporting primarily to Europe and Japan.
Our larger sacks are used in the catering industry and are also bought by other companies that market them with their own brand name and packaging.

Paprika. We specialise in the cultivation of peppers for the production of paprika.
Paprika has been traditionally made in this region of Extremadura since the discovery of America in the fifteenth century when it was secretly imported by the monks of the Yuste Monastery.
Paprika is made by drying and grinding to a fine powder a special variety of red pepper. It is an essential seasoning for cooking, marinading and  making sausagemeats such as chorizo.
Our paprika is totally additive free and is made from the years harvest of the local Capsicum Annum variety.

Cultural context, education and support. Finca La Mesa also provides technical support to farmers, cooperatives and other relevant associations. We teach them how to convert their farming methods to follow organic principles, organize seminars and lectures on biodynamic cultivation and run introductiory courses on how to comercialize their products.